Made in Wisconsin is the very best string cheese in the world.

My Love For String Cheese

I can still remember my first experience with string cheese. When I was just a young child, my family went up to Milwaukee for a weekend trip. On the way back we hit one of those famous cheese stores. My parents suggested I try one because I already liked cheese. I did and it immediately became my favorite kind of cheese.

Best String Cheese In The World

The very best string cheese in the world is made in Wisconsin. Of course, that is not surprising. I consider it the cheese capital of the world. The award-winning cheesemaker is Baker Cheese in St. Cloud, Wisconsin. More info, HERE.

According to

"Judges have taken notice. Baker Cheese has won some big awards – it has been judged the best string cheese in the United States as well as the best-flavored string cheese in the world!"

The History Of String Cheese At Baker Cheese According To

"Frank and Francis made the decision to change their plant over to a full mozzarella plant because of the rapidly growing demand of mozzarella cheese. Francis soon recognized the need for smaller, consumer sized units and took a ball of mozzarella, stretched it into a rope, and cut it into small chunks, and thus was born the Original Baker String Cheese."


Road Trip To Wisconsin For String Cheese

Still to this day if I take a road trip into to Wisconsin, I look for one of those cheese stores to stop and pick up some string cheese. Sometime for a bonus they are next to a fireworks stand. Baker Cheese has its own store at the factory. If you are interesting in trying the best in the business. More info, HERE.


Video: What makes Baker Cheese’s string cheese production unique

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