It is considered one of, if not the most, well known Superbowl advertisement of all time.

As the 13th anniversary of 9/11 passes, I was reminded of the commercial featuring the famous Budweiser Clydesdales horses. It aired only one time during the Super Bowl of 2002. In the commercial, the horses pay tribute to the memory of those who we lost on September 11th with an memorable bow. Many have never forgotten the commercial that never aired again.

Fox2 reports

“We filmed in New York City. We had a helicopter going over the Brooklyn Bridge. Mayor Guiliania let us into the city. The only film company of any sort right after 9-11 to actually come into air space with our helicopter to film the Clydesdale the hitch coming into Battery Park and it was amazing…just amazing,” said Bob Lachky, former executive vice president of AB Global Creative.




This ad still brings tears to my eyes. See the Famous Commercial Here