Thanksgiving day is probably the most stressful day of the year for cooks and hosts. From making sure the turkey isn't dry to getting everything timed out perfectly, it can be A LOT of pressure.  But the make or break of the entire meal, in my opinion, is the gravy.  You can get the entire feast right, but if you don't have the best gravy to pour over everything, then you might as well have ordered take out.

So you have your classic gravy recipe.  It's everyone's favorite.  They look forward to it all year, but what if this year you threw everyone for a loop and made that gravy even better.  Well with this one ingredient you can do just that.

What is that special ingredient?


Yeah, you read that right.  According to Delish -

Where the idea came from, we have no idea. But we're very into it. Soy sauce is loaded with umami—the super savory, hard-to-define flavor that can make food insanely addictive. In gravy, you won't actually taste the soy sauce (unless you add a crazy amount); you'll just react more strongly to depth of flavor.

Even if your gravy is vegetarian it adds a great meaty flavor that would fool any meat lover. So when your family raves about your gravy, be sure give me some credit!

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