This weekend, look's not a bird, or a plane, it's Supermoon 2017!

In the past years we have been lucky enough to experience this celestial event more than once, however in 2017, it has been absent, until this weekend.

What is a Supermoon? In the winter months, in the Northern hemisphere, the Earth is closer to the sun. The sun's gravity actually pulls the moon closer to Earth. That means the moon will look more spectacular than normal. It will appear:

  • 16% Brighter
  • 7% Bigger

So when is a good time to the supermoon? According to National Geographic, the best day will be Sunday December 3rd.

Experts say a good time to view the super moon is at moon rise which will take place at 4:57pm on Sunday for viewers in the Rockford area. Also, if you are up very early on Monday morning, you will get the best view at 2:45 am on December 4th, when the effect will be at it's peak.

By the way, unlike a solar eclipse, you don't need any protective eye wear to view the supermoon. Let hope for no clouds this weekend.




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