Reviews are in on the new seats at Wrigley Field and fans are saying they aren't big enough.

As a Cub's fan, I'll be the first to admit that Wrigley Field needed some upgrades.

It's a magical place to go, but it's old.

That was the great thing about the Ricketts family taking over the team. They promised improvements to the historic stadium.

They have stayed true to their word and for the past few offseasons, many things have been done. Plus, several more are scheduled for the future.

This past winter has been a big one. Numerous projects were done.

According to, some fans aren't happy with certain changes.

"When the Cubs decided to move and enlarge the dugouts and build a swanky, exclusive club behind home plate, they also changed some of the seats down the left- and right-field lines, making them smaller."

"Some complained those aren’t big enough for regular-sized fans. One said they were built for “middle school students,” and another wondered if they were modeled after middle seats in the back of airplanes. One fan called it the “120-pound or less section,” and another called the section “the Spirit Airlines of stadium seats.”

If you're planning on going to a game this season, I suggest have a couple of suggestions. Purchase tickets in a section where the seats haven't been renovated or don't eat a big meal before the game.


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