Reddit user BigBreadBaby (great name) noticed an odd contradiction in the bathroom of the new Dunkin in Loves Park on Riverside. 

It can be kind of hard to read in that picture so I'll blow it up a little for you.


If you can make it out it says

We use this high speed energy efficient hand dryers instead of paper towels because it's better for our environment.

That's great. I'm all for going greener and cutting out waste. No matter where you fall on climate or environmental issues, I think we can all agree that cleaner is usually better.

That being said, putting this up RIGHT next to the paper towel dispenser is a little funny.

Now I'm not sure what the official laws are from the health department. Possibly they state that you must provide paper towels as well.

If that is the case then maybe you install the dryer and paper towels more than 6 inches apart, but that's just me.

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