Rockford native meteorologist Eric Sorensen, who now works in the Quad Cities, has given us some very important information to remember during the Midwest's tornado season this year.

Yesterday we shared a video from Fairdale tornado survivor Clem Schultz. The video is insanely chilling as it was filmed right as the tornado ripped through the Schultz's home, knocking the camera from Clem's hand, and killing his wife Geri. Clem Schultz has said he shared  this extremely personal video for one reason, and one reason only; to save future lives.

This is why Meteorologist Eric Sorensen decided to analyze the video closely and to compare it to other tornado footage, so he could come up with a term to remember when it comes to tornado safety. We now all need to remember these three words: Left to Right.

Eric says, "If the tornado isn't moving from left to right on the horizon, you are not safe."

If you spot a tornado, pay close attention to its direction. Usually if it is moving from left to right you will be spared the direct impact of the storm, although you still need to take immediate cover. If you are unable to determine which direction the tornado is traveling, chances are you're in the most dangerous path, and need to find the safest place available immediately.

Keep your family safe, and read Eric's complete explanation of Left to Right here.