Yikes! Where did this person get these car rims?

On Monday, local crime reporting site, Rockford Scanner, reported on couple of automobile accidents that occurred in at Larsen and Blenheim, and at Spring Brook and Perryville Roads in Rockford.

We are sad to see anyone involved in an accident, and hope the occupants of the involved vehicle are okay. What is getting just as much attention are the rims on the car that many people are describing as "hideous."

One Facebook commentor said:

Car totaled 800 bucks , sell the rims 1500 bucks

One person also commented:

A car with those hideous rims is better off wrecked.


Not nice! People can sure be mean! That being said, what's your opinion of the rims?

Now, I can only image that these car rims probably cost a pretty penny.  Do you think they are hideous?

Here's another angle:

The Most Hideous Car Rims Ever Spotted In Rockford
Rockford Scanner @ Rockford Scanner.com (Photo Provided0

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