Accidents happen all the time on Illinois highways, interstates, roads, and streets, I know. There are photos of an accident earlier this week in Rockford that are worthy of giving a look.

Name one person who does not look at an accident while passing by one. You can't because we all do it.

Obviously, when we encounter the aftermath of a vehicular accident, we're hoping there were no injuries and all parties involved are ok. If we didn't get a peculiar feeling when seeing automobile crashes then demolition derbies wouldn't exist and NASCAR would have a much smaller audience.


On racetracks, yes, in real life, not particularly but you will still try to catch a glimpse. It is almost impossible to not get a look at an accident if you have to carefully navigate past or around it, like on a two-lane highway. This is exactly the case for an accident on Monday in Bypass 20 in Rockford.


Right before noon on Monday, a truck tractor (a semi with no trailer) was traveling at 5 miles per hour because of engine problems. That's when a box truck rear-ended the truck tractor. The driver of the box truck was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the other driver was fine, according to WREX.


To no surprise, there was significant damage done to both trucks. Based on the visuals, it a surprise both drivers didn't end up injured.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

Here's another view.

Submitted Photo

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