I am fascinated by old abandoned buildings. The older and more dilapidated, the better. I have spent hours swiping through Reddit and Instagram checking out all sorts of creepy abandoned places, including forgotten_rockford on Instagram.

Here is one of my favorite posts on the account.

That appears to be the interior of Coco Key Indoor Water Park and, though it is kind of creepy, isn't even close to what you will see inside the old Rockford Watch Co. Factory building. The building, located at 325 South Madison Street in Rockford, is supposed to be refurbished but, as it stands, it looks like a perfect background setting for The Walking Dead.

I stumbled upon a virtual tour through the City of Rockford's website and, twenty minutes later, here we are. I'm creeped out and I wouldn't be surprised if you were too after seeing inside. Two things that stand out like a sore thumb are a set of double doors that read, "Don't Open-Dead Inside" and a "hell room."

For reference, here is what the building currently looks like.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Look Inside of Rockford Watch Co. Factory

You can tour Rockford Watch Co. Factory, Historic Walgreen’s/Trek Media Building, and Chick House Hotel HERE.

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