Every now and then when you turn on the news you see live police chases but often they are in California or other states. This chase happened right in our home state of Illinois. According to Week.com, the Illinois state police have released some dash cam footage of a chase that happened last year. At first you see the female driver exit the vehicle and you think all is fine but in the seconds after that a passenger in the vehicle hops into the drivers seat and decides to take off.

When it all goes down you'll see a U.S. Marshall cling to the side of the car as it speeds down Prairie School Road. after about a half mile hanging on to the side of the car the Marshall decides to let go and almost gets hit by another squad car. The suspect at the wheel was identified as 31 year old Robert Collins. Collins had a $200,000 warrant so I guess that's why he fled. He continued to bob and weave through traffic and almost hit a semi truck. The suspect jumped out of the vehicle on Clear Lake avenue and decided to run. He was caught a little bit later and luckily no one was severely injured.

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