Here's a 100% true moment that was so memorable the band, Old Dominion, shared the story with other radio stations.

This wasn't one of my finest moment but it's a story worth sharing.

You see, Old Dominion was playing District in downtown Rockford and about a week before the concert I had the privilege of intervening Matt Ramsey - the frontman of Old Dominion. Matt had called my cell phone, which was the 'backup' number to the studio. I'm not sure why and I didn't really care. A bonified country singer had just called my personal cell. Oddly enough we would text back and forth about Rockford and sports, that is, until the night of the show.

Fast forwarding to the night of the show, my wife and I had met some friends for dinner and drinks at District before the music would start. During dinner and conversation, I had a few Captain and Cokes. By "a few" I mean I actually stopped counting. In between dinner, drinks, and OD taking the stage, I had been back and forth from the green room (a.k.a. band's hangout area) and was having a merry 'ole time.

Old Dominion
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Eventually, the stage intro time came along and I had to get up there, do my quick radio schpeal, and welcome the band to the stage. While waiting to go on stage I was texting a coworker, "come to the stage" and "where are you, I need you to take pics." No response from said coworker. I got impatient and sent a few more similar texts before I was summoned to the stage. No pics of the crowd, oh well. I did the intro, the crowd was crazy, and up walks the band. Matt quickly patted me on the shoulder and said, with a smirk, "thanks for the texts."

I had no idea what he was talking about until I grabbed my phone for pictures and came across the texts I had inadvertently sent to HIM instead of my Coworker! Ugh. What an idiot, right? There weren't many texts after that night, none in fact.

A few months down the road Matt shared this story with a radio station in southern Illinois about a "drunk texting radio guy in Rockford." I'm that drunk texting radio guy.

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