Country Thunder 2017 has finally arrived. Here are some of the most important tips to survive the awesome country music festival

Country Thunder
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    Bring extra everything, especially water. Bring lots of ice and freeze what you can. Blocks of ice will melt a lot slower than cubes. Bring easy-to-make food for lunch and snacks and feel free to be a little more elaborate for breakfast and dinner.

    Bring Pedialyte in case you're dehydrated... or hungover.

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    This is the Midwest and the weather can change faster the Carrie Underwood during an arena concert. Bring a hoodie or jacket and rain boots in case it rains. Dress comfortable. Most importantly, dress as redneck as possible... you're at Country Thunder.

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    Bring everything you need for camping and more. Bring anything you might have outside of your house for a party. Don't forget games, canopies, and somewhere to sleep.

    Also, put your tent and area together before you have 15 beers and can't figure it out.

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    Duh. Bring a first aid kit and some medicine for that terrible hangover. Don't forget lots of bug spray and sunscreen. The last thing you want is to wake up burnt and full of mosquito bites. Also, bring allergy medicine because there's a lot bunch of dust.

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    Pick out a land mark to identify an area that will lead you to your campsite. A flag won't work because everyone will have a flag. Arrange a meet-up time throughout each day to easily reconnect with your group.

    Cell reception in Twin Lakes isn't good, in fact, it's terrible. If you have a wireless phone charger it would be smart to bring it along in case you want to take a bunch of pics and videos.

    Another great tip given to me is to label your phone with your campsite information or the number of someone in your group.

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    Country Thunder is supposed to be fun and drama free and it usually is. Love each other, reach out to those that might need something, and party like you're BFFs with everyone. Have FUN and be SAFE.

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