With the holidays quickly approaching this is a time when we remember those that are struggling and need a helping hand.Giving during those times is much needed.
However, the needs don't stop after the holidays. They are continue for 363 days after that.

Here are ten creative ways to give back any day of the year.

About.com offers ten interesting ways we can give back to charitable organizations.

1. Make your wedding charitable. Donate the leftover food to a local pantry, or in lieu of gifts have your guests donate to a specific charity.

2. Give gifts that give back. Find gift items that give a percentage of the profits back to an organization.

3. Throw a party that gives to an organization.

4. Knit for charity.

5. Run,walk or ride for charity.

6. Give through E-Bay.

7. Donate your stocks.

8. Donate your frequent flier miles.

9. Help out dogs, cats and animals at local shelters.

10. Give your stuff to charity.

These all great ways to help charitable organizations. These really are everyday things that we all can do.

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If you'd like to do something right now, you can give $2.05 toward a meal that the Rockford Rescue Mission provides daily to the homeless and hungry person. Click the button below to find out more.