Mayonnaise. Some love it. Some don't.

Regardless if you slather it on a sandwich or not, did you know there are ten great uses for it that do not involve food?

Wise Bread has a list of the ten most unexpected uses for the kitchen condiment.

These uses include:

- A natural way to kill head lice. Really slather that on your hair and it'll get rid of them and will be less damaging to you hair as opposed to the over the counter drugstore shampoos.

- Speaking of hair you can use to deep condition your hair with it. It'll leave your hair silky and shiny. Hmmm? I think I see another "Does this work" video coming out soon.

- Also, you can get rid of cracks in furniture and remove water stains with it. I wonder if I can rub it into my table that my plants are on and get rid of those water rings. This I know I've got to try. Yeah , I do a see a video coming for this.

Here's the complete list to see what that spread of eggs and oil can do to help you around the house.




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