Deck The Halls With Tried & True Cleaning Tools
Contrary to proper belief, spring cleaning is an icky necessity that should take place a couple of times per year. Whether you’re looking to deep clean your home or zap allergies and air-born illnesses before they can move in these reputable cleaning tools can help you tackle even the toughes…
Get Those Stains Out of Your Tupperware With This Tik Tok Hack
During quarantine I've spent an embarrassing amount of time on Tik Tok. Originally I was ashamed of my screen time data that said how many hours I spent on the app, but now I'm over it.
For one thing, what else is there to do? And another thing is, I've actually learned A LOT from Tik …
DIY: Remove Deodorant Marks [Video]
Don't you hate it when you're already to go and then notice that you got deodorant marks on your clothes? Ugh! In this episode I show you two ways in "how to" remove the deodorant from your clothes finding out the answer to "Does This Work?"
Magic Eraser For Laptops
Hate having finger prints all over your laptop? In this next episode of "Does This Work"? I'm going to show you how to clean your laptop using a magic eraser and to see if it really does work.
DIY Ant Repellent
Seeing it's summer time and many of us are taking our dinner table to the outdoors. One thing's for sure we'll have the uninvited guest of ants showing up.
Get rid of them with this all natural repellent.

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