Two teens are taking action against how their high school handled violations of sexual assault and harassment.

Now, I simply can not imagine the pain someone goes through when assaulted in any way. It hurts my heart to see or hear of such an act.

According to The Mcdonough County Voice, two teens at Macomb High School were sexually assaulted and harassed by another student. Both girls pursued action with law enforcement on the teen boy.

Macomb High School is now in a civil suit with the two former students in how they handled their situation. The girls felt that the administration was not keeping them safe after allowing, a teen boy "known as a repeat sexual predator" to attend the school without discipline or restriction. It is claimed that one teacher responded inappropriately and caused grades to suffer for the one girl who pressed charges on the boy. Another claim, one of the girls was kept from classes still upon the boys' graduation.

The Boy has done time in Juvenile detention from one of the sexual assault charges. Together the girls are suing the school a minimum of $10 million for pain, suffering and impaired education capacity.

Find out more about the case here.


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