They always say its pretty much impossible to run from the cops and getaway. Especially with new technology, helicopters and everything else but some folks will never learn. According to, a 17 year old teenager took police on a high speed chase yesterday. It all started when the Beloit Police were investigating a burglary. Police said the suspect stole a 2017 Dodge Challenger and a hand gun.

The suspect, Christian Kayser took off in the challenger with no designs on stopping. The chase was on Highway 51 headed towards Beloit. He was pursued by officers from Rock County, Beloit and the town of Beloit. At certain points in the chase, police actually had to stop pursuing him due to an extreme high risk of the public getting hurt. The suspect actually hit one of the squad cars in the chase but the officer was not injured.

They finally caught Kayser at the intersection of Colley and Milwaukee roads.  Police were also able to recover the handgun. Upon further investigation, police found out that Kayser had a warrant for operating a vehicle without the owner's consent and he was a suspect in yet another auto theft case. Officers did a great job of working together to capture the suspect without having a dangerous conclusion.

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