Halloween has long since been over, but Taylor Swift is dealing with a much more realistic haunting on her new song "Beautiful Ghosts," from the upcoming Cats movie.

Swift opened up to Billboard about the making of the song, saying, "When I walked into Andrew Lloyd Webber’s studio in London, I thought we were just rehearsing 'Macavity,' the number I was set to perform in the movie Cats." 

"So when Andrew asked, from behind his piano, if I had any ideas on what Victoria might say if she had a song, I knew what he was asking," she says. "He was asking to help him write it."

The moments that followed Swift will always remember. She immediately began putting the lyrics down on paper, and when she was finished, she sang the song for film director Tom Hooper and actress Francesca Hayward.

It was during this time that Swift resized the song was right for the movie.

"The looks on their faces told me it was the right song for this character at that exact point in her story," she recalls.

"Beautiful Ghosts" acts as a counterpart to the iconic song "Memory" from the musical.

"The song 'Memory' is about missing your glory days, wishing you could go back in time and relive those magical times from your past. 'Beautiful Ghosts' is sung from a young voice who is wondering if she will ever have glory days," Swift explains.

No matter the reaction the film gets, Swift insists that the memories she made while working on Cats will be one's she always remembers, calling them, "Beautiful ghosts, if you will."

"Beautiful Ghosts" will be sung in the film by Hayward, who plays Victoria the White Cat. Swift's version will appear in the credits of the film, according to Playbill. Cats premieres in theaters on Dec. 20. To listen to "Beautiful Ghosts," click above.

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