For those of you that love Black Friday shopping, set your clocks to start shopping for Thanksgiving night as Target just announced they will be open at 6pm that evening.

WIFR reports that the Minneapolis based retail company just announced that they will open at 6pm just as hey had last year.

However, if you don't feeling like digging out after your big family feed Targets in-store deals will be available on-line as well that morning.

Also, if you venture out on Black Friday, instead of Thanksgiving night, the store " is sweetening the deal. All shoppers who spend at least $75 will receive a 20 percent discount that they can use between Dec. 4 and Dec. 13.

I don't know about you but shopping on Thanksgiving evening just seems to take away the importance of the day; being thankful for your family, friends and for the things you already have.

Also, I worked retail while in college and I hated having to work holidays with grouchy and rude customers. I remember those feelings and I don't want to do that to those that will be scheduled to work on a day that is meant to be with your family and friends.  I won't be participating in shopping on Thanksgiving day.