Hey Blackhawk fans, before you buy your tickets and head to Tampa for Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals, you better check this out.

Tampa Bay is going to great lengths to keep us out.

In this CBS Chicago report, officials of Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, have imposed policies to keep Blackhawk fans out in order to encourage more Lightning fans to attend the game.

One such recent policy change is that anyone purchasing tickets must provide and prove Florida residency (via billing zip code). Anyone that's not from Florida, their tickets will be cancelled and no refunds will be given.

Another policy states: “Chase Club and Lexus Lounge ticket holders: Please note that for all 2015 NHL Playoff Games at Amalie Arena, only Tampa Bay Lightning apparel (or neutral) will be permitted in these club and adjoining seating areas. Fans wearing visiting team apparel will be asked to remove them while in these areas.”

Really? Are they that insecure of seeing a sea of red jerseys in their stands and not enough blue to cheer their team on?

This hardly seems fair. It appears very petty. Shall I say they are envious of the enigma called the Blackhawks and the loyalty of their fans? We can't help that we, Blackhawk fans, are loyal and we go where ever our team is playing.

I'm seriously scratching my head here.

What happened to generating revenue? Do they not realize that letting "Hawk" fans in means more money for the city? Look at the money that will be spent in travel, hotel accommodations, food and restaurants, tickets to the game and even purchasing of souvenirs and such.

Honestly, to me, it seems as if they have deeper issues. What is wrong with the team that can't seem to generate a fan base or at least one that sticks around to keep cheering them on. They won the cup in 2004? Their fans weren't loyal to stick around? I don't get it?

The Blackhawks had been without a Stanley Cup win from 1961, until they broke the drought in 2010. Even throughout that span of almost 50 years, the fans hung on. Wow! Further proof that Blackhawk fans are the best.

This attempt at a controlling a 'hometown environment" seems rather flimsy excuse of just plain jealousy and deep seeded insecurity to me. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm biased, but I just can't see the justification in doing this?

Can you?

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