I have no idea why abandoned buildings are so intriguing but they are.

In Rockford, we have our fair share of them as well. For example, when Coco Key shut down because it's such a unique thing, people from all over got in and took video of the now abandoned water park.

Less than two hours from us in Rockford, Rock Island used to be home to Jumer's Riverboat Casino. I remember the commercials on TV, it seemed like they were on all the time.

In 2008, Jumer's opened a casino and hotel. My guess, they abandoned the boat at some point shortly before or after.

Urban explorer group, Urbex, and Chill got on to the boat and took some stunning video and I was just blown away.

From the grand staircase, to where the slot machines used to be, it was just so cool to look at. They even found a poker chip that was left behind.

Urbex and Chill via YouTube
Urbex and Chill via YouTube

The brave explorers also videoed the outside of the boat, while walking on some dangerous-looking floorboards and proceeded to check out a bunch of offices.

I've never understood why companies would leave behind computers, phones, and other electronics when closing up shop, but they do, and the folks at Jumer's did the same.

Did you ever make the trip to Rock Island for a night on the Jumer's Riverboat Casino? What was your experience like? Tell us!

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