It's amazing how fast time has actually flown in the midst of this crappy year, but it's been almost a year since Rockford officially submitted their Hard Rock Rockford proposal to the Illinois Gaming Board, and we still don't have an official approval or denial.

Here's where I refresh your memory that, per law, the Illinois Gaming Board has one year to make their decision, and as of October 28th their time is officially up. Or is it?

According to;

The City of Rockford tells 13 WREX it received notification Wednesday of a special gaming board meeting that will take place on October 29 at 10 a.m.. An agenda has not been set.

By law, the IGB has a year from when the license application was sent to the gaming board, which happened on October 28, 2019. It must approve the license at a public meeting, but Rockford's license wasn't on any public meeting agenda in that year timeframe. If it does not meet that deadline, it has the option to hold a special public meeting, or give a written reason for an extension, and when it expects to have a determination.

The Illinois Gaming Board will not release an agenda for the upcoming meeting until 48 hours before it, but I think it's safe to say all signs are pointing to an official extension for making their decision being announced at the meeting on the 29th. Maybe we'll be surprised with an official approval from the Illinois Gaming Board, but I kind of feel like thinking that way is a tad too optimistic?

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