At some point there will be a casino in Rockford, it's inevitable. So why not start getting trained to be a casino card dealer?

Dealers aren't the only future jobs coming to Rockford when a casino makes its way because it takes a small army for operations to be successful and on point. But, there has to be some sort of training, which is in the planning mode right now. Though there aren't many specifics about certifications or training, reports the city and The Workforce Connection are in the process of establishing pre-apprenticeships.

"Pre-apprenticeship programs are what they're called where the individual are training on the application process and they are trained on refining their skills as it relates to mathematics and measurements and different things of that nature,” (Lisa) Bly said.

Not only are the CIty of Rockford and The Workforce Connection thinking ahead about proper training for a 24/7 casino, but they are also considering transportation options.

"We’ll be looking at providing opportunities to every corner of the community and making sure that transportation is never a hurdle for anyone working at the hard rock casino,” (Ian) Linnabary said.

You can learn more about The Workforce Connection by clicking here.

Rockford's city council is expected to vote on Hard Rock Rockford's proposal tonight.


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