Lemon Water Benefits
Whenever I get tired of just drinking plain water, I've made lemon water just to flavor it up some.
Besides flavoring up our water, did you know that lemon water has many other benefits to offer us? It really does!
Drink More Water with these Easy Tips
I know when I don't drink enough water. I get awful leg cramps or cramps in my toes.
Typically during the week I'm pretty good at averaging about 4 to 6 glasses of water, but when it comes to the weekend I'm terrible at drinking water. It's not that I'm drinking other things, it's just that I don't d…
Home Remedy to Unclog a Drain [Video]
I noticed over the weekend my kitchen sink was draining the dishwater out very slowly.
I looked on line to see if there were any home remedies to try naturally before grabbing Drain-O or calling a plumber.
I read several home remedy recipes on line. All pointed to using baking soda, white vinegar and …
Drinking More Water No Problem
Look what I found at Target last night!
This is so tasty and refreshing and you know, I'll have no problem drinking more water with this in my glass.
They also have an appletini and margarita flavor but I choose to stick with the lime and mint flavor of a mojito...