The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) says that several of Illinois' regulated utilities have agreed to another extension to keep residential consumers from being shut off.

There's not a lot of good news out there for those of us who are struggling to make ends meet, but at least the worries of finding yourself without power, water, and gas have been pushed back for another month (in most cases)

The companies that have agreed to the extension until September 30th include:

  • Nicor Gas
  • Northshore/Peoples Gas
  • Illinois American Water,
  • Aqua Illinois, and
  • Utility Services of Illinois.

Ameren Illinois and ComEd have agreed to extend through September 10, 2020.

Knowing that millions of people suddenly found themselves out of work because of this COVID-19 mess, and that for many, covering their utility bills would be next to impossible, an agreement was struck in mid-June.

In addition to the moratorium on disconnection and late payment fees, the stipulated agreements provided consumer protections involving utility credit and collection practices, deferred payment agreements, and temporary waivers of reconnection fees and new deposit requirements.

Carrie Zalewski is the Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission:

Given the rise in positive COVID-19 cases in communities across Illinois, and the prerequisite for residents to stay connected to school, work and family during a pandemic, I am pleased that several of the state’s larger regulated utilities have once again agreed to extend the moratorium on disconnections for residential customers. I also encourage residents struggling to pay their bills to call their utility providers to set up a deferred payment plan so that they do not lose service when the moratorium is lifted.


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