Turns out, most people just don't grab the cheapest bottle of water when they go to a convenience store or gas station.

I usually go to the one in the middle. Not the most expensive, and not the cheapest and to be honest with you I have no idea why.

So when I found, 1. People search for different types of seltzer water or any type of bottled water I was surprised, and 2. There was a study done to figure out which brands were searched for the most.

Anyway, Health-Ade who apparently makes some form of bubbly seltzer put together a massive list of what each state is searching for when it comes to their bottled beverage.

The most popular sparkling water searched nationwide is Sparkling Ice. Full disclosure, not sure if I've ever had that brand before, but it doesn't really matter because it's not Illinois' most popular anyway.

The most searched water brand in Illinois is Ice Mountain. That I have for sure heard of, and I'm almost certain it's the one brand that always falls in the middle price-wise.

You can check out the full study right HERE. Do you have any particular bottled sparkling or seltzer water brand allegiance? Tell us!

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