Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Holiday in the Park
Hey all Six Flags season pass holders, this year you're going to love having that pass because Great America just announced they will be open during the Christmas holidays with "Holiday in the Park."
Enjoy the Last Call
If you're sad to see the warm days and amusement park season to go then you better get yourself to Six Flags in Gurnee, because it's your last call....
See the last Fright Fest Show
If you really get into the spooky side Halloween, then you need to go to Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest and watch the show opens the night to release the ghouls, zombies, and the souls of the dead into the park.
New Coaster is No Joke
Six Flags Great America just unveiled their new roller coaster for 2017!
This is gonna be a crazy, scary ride! You just gotta take a look.
Virtual Reality coaster
Here's one more reason you need to go to Six Flags Great America this season. Opening this Saturday, August 13th, the classic roller coaster the Demon will become a virtual reality coaster.

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