Six Flags already told us we'll need to reserve a date and time before entering one of their parks but now we know the rest of the tentative plan, which will be presented to Illinois' governor this week.

One of the questions many have about Six Flags' new "date/time reservation" requirements is if you'll be forced to leave the park before closing time. The answer, as we shared here, is simply no. This is just one of a handful of safety measures to be presented to Pritzker in hopes of the park reopening next week. The other plans aren't too crazy but, in my opinion, make it less appealing to venture into their theme park.

Upon entry, guests will be required to sign a waiver "assuming whatever risks", according to FOX-32, which could possibly be filled out electronically when making a reservation. Face masks will be required for all guests and team members, except children 2 and younger or those with breathing issues. Guests and staff will have their temperatures checked through thermal imaging. And, as you can imagine, the staff will be cleaning everything all the time.

In addition, there will constant cleaning of rides and bathrooms, hand washing and hand sanitizing stations at entrances and exits, and even a mobile app for ordering food, making it a cashless transaction.

I'm 100% behind every measure except the face mask requirement, though I understand the reason. For me, I've been in stores minimally since the requirement of face masks mainly because of claustrophobia. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but it is what it is. In fact, the other day while I was in Meijer I began to feel anxious, began to sweat, and my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. Because of that, I am almost positive I couldn't tough it out for the sake of a day at Six Flags. However, if they had "no masks required" zones, I'd probably be down for some time on their coasters.

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