It's a hotel that was once stood strong in the center of Sycamore that was once thought to be haunted. Now, the hotel and banquet center are a thing of the past.

On Wednesday, demolition began on the legendary Jane Fargo Hotel on W. State street in downtown Sycamore. The hotel will be converted into upscale apartments by local developer John Pappas.

I spent many days and hours at the Jane Fargo Hotel, as, for many years, the hotel hosted wedding and banquets, many of which I DJ'ed at in the past.

All the time I was there I never knew the place was haunted, but many believed it was.

The Daily Chronicle Newspaper reports that back in '20s, the property the hotel was built on, was the site of a mansion that belonged to Mary Whittemore. She supposedly made a deal with building developers to keep living in the mansion while they built the hotel around it.

Sycamore locals have long believed the building was haunted by Whittemore’s ghost.

Part of the hotel's history will remain. Construction supervisor Ralph Crafton told the daily chronicle

“We’re going to keep the historical aspect of it as a hotel, even though we’ll only have one entry per apartment, so some of the doorways will be blocked off from the inside as we do the redecorating"

I'm wondering where the ghost will go?