Sushi is not my bag, but I know for many people it is.

I have many friends whose idea of a perfect date night is going out for sushi and drinks, so for them, and all of the thousands of other sushi lovers in Rockford, I need to warn you: A frozen tuna recall has been issued after people from several states, including Illinois, have become sick after eating tuna distributed by Jensen Tuna Inc.

According to WGN TV;

Thirteen people in seven states have been sickened with salmonella since January, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday, adding the source of this outbreak is believed to be Jensen Tuna Inc.’s frozen raw ground tuna.

The company has issued a recall for three lots of individually packaged 1-pound bags and 20-pound boxes. The lots are Nos. z266, z271, and z272.

Food recalls are happening a lot lately, almost daily it seems like, but this food recall is particularly alarming because it applies more to tuna served in restaurants than it does tuna being sold in local grocery stores.

WGN TV's article says the US Food and Drug Administration said, "the recalled tuna was probably not sold directly to consumers in grocery stores but was likely “used in food dishes sold by restaurants or retailers.” YIKES!

Here's the part sushi lovers really need to pay close attention to. The Center for Disease Control says ;

Consumers who order sushi made with raw tuna, including ‘spicy tuna,’ should ask the restaurant or grocery store if the tuna is supplied by Jensen Tuna. If you are not sure if the tuna has been recalled, do not eat it.

For information on the Jensen Tuna Inc. tuna recall, go here.

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