Another reason why you should think twice before you post something on social media.

Man, I feel sorry for this guy. A dream job, no more! Russ Knight was issued a credential for the Super Bowl after he was hired to be an assistant frequency coordinator for the NFL.

Knight is a huge sports fan and he was so excited for the chance to work at the Super Bowl. So, he photo of himself on Facebook , with his Superbowl credential

Shortly after Knight posted the picture, he got a phone call from NFL security.

TV Station KPHO reported that the voice at the other end of the phone said

"Russ, we’ve got a problem."

Apparently, on his picture, even though it’s far away, anyone could zoom in and they could read my credential on the bottom.

On the back of Super Bowl credentials, one of the rules listed is that you cannot post any pictures of the passes on the Internet.

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