The Arctic wolves at Summerfield Zoo need our help in expanding their habitat.

Summerfield Zoo told WREX news that the habitat enclosure they have for their two arctic wolves, Moema and Keiko, is too small for them and they would like and need to expand it to give them space to run.

Zoo owner, Rick Anderson, said that "This is probably going to be one of our like biggest priciest habitats yet. We want to make it as big as possible for them, we'd like to make it even and acre for them."

However, the zoo needs help. that where you come in. As a 501c3 organization the zoo relies on donations to help keep the zoo in running and working order. They have set up a Go Fund Me page if you would like to help support the zoo in building a bigger habitat for the wolves. As you can see in the video below, taken about nine months ago, the pen was almost too small then and Keiko wasn't even a year old yet.


The zoo has raised about $6,257 but they are far from their goal of $42,000. They have also stated that if they exceed their goal in donations that extra money will go toward building a new habitat for their grey wolves.

To learn more about Summerfield Zoo visit their website here or their facebook page:Summerfield Zoo.

Or to make a donation visit their Go Fund Me page: Summerfield Zoo Arctic Wolf Habitat

Aww... I love wolves. There's just something about them.They're so majestic and have such a sense of beauty and grace to them. I would love to see them get a bigger space to run around in and be and do as wolves do. Wouldn't you?