The "Boom" was allegedly back in Belvidere, Illinois again last night (Wednesday 12/7) according to a popular Facebook group page.

While the source of the noise hasn't officially been confirmed or identified, speculation of what may be at the root of the 'boom' is leading to some hilarious social media banter.

Over the years there have been several different booms heard in the Belvidere area with one being reported just this past Thanksgiving night, according to WIFR-TV.

A local fire chief believes the sound heard back on Thanksgiving was likely due to a "sonic boom" which happens when a fighter jet goes faster than the speed of sound.

A possible answer for these booms in Belvidere could be cold weather related.

In a story from WAND-TV from 2017, a phenomenon called "frost quakes" were causing boom sounds. Also known as Cryoseism, it's "the sudden fracturing of soil or rock caused by the rapid freezing of water in saturated ground."

There's even an official Facebook page dedicated to the "Booms of Belvidere."

After the recent BOOM on Wednesday night (12/7) reported around 9:30 pm, several posts on Facebook were saying "not this again" and "it strikes again, the infamous Belvidere boom," while others used a variety of creative memes to share their feeling about this phenomenon.

Now the rest of the keyboard comedians were in rare form with their speculation of what caused this round of sound.

Here's a sample of a few of our favorites posts about the mysterious "boom" from the What's Happening in Belvidere Facebook page:

attachment-boom 1
attachment-Boom 2
attachment-Boom 3
attachment-Boom 4
attachment-Boom 5
attachment-boom 6
attachment-Boom 7
attachment-Boom 8
attachment-Boom 10

So, what do you think is causing the Belvidere "boom"?

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