Lice. Eww. Just saying the word makes my head itch.

My friend called me in a panic a couple of days ago due to a lice scare from the summer camp her daughter just returned home from.

Seeing that I had spent time with them over the weekend, I immediately went out and bought the lice shampoo, Rid, at Target to wash my hair in it. It's kind of sticky and smells a bit like turpentine (You have to put it on dry hair and let it set for 10 minutes before washing it out). I don't have lice, but I wasn't going to risk it.

Here are some summer prevention tips, I found through to protect you and your kids from lice.

Tips to Prevent Lice:

- Dont' Share = combs/ hairbrushes, hair clips/accessories, hats, headphones/ earbuds

- Don't play games with head to head contact = No twister or football.

- Don't share spaces = put your child's things in a bag when hanging on a hook or placed in a locker. Don't put other kids items in with your child's.

Here's a tip from me: (I learned this through my sister when she was teaching.) Always thoroughly dry your hair on the hottest setting with your blow dryer. Your scalp might sting a bit from the heat, but it's worth not catching those creepy, crawly critters of lice.

I know this isn't a pleasant thought but I want to keep you and your kids safe this summer. Prevention is like being forewarned. As the saying goes being forewarned is being forearmed.

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