It's a given that summer heat is dangerous for people, but the damage it can to a dog is just as bad. How hot is too hot to walk the dog? You might be surprised.

Heat Dangerous For Dog Paw Pads
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If temperatures aren't into the 100's, even with the heat index, it can still be extremely dangerous and painful for pets. Believe it or not even temps exceeding 75° can be too hot to walk your dog. Banfield Pet Hospital in Rockford warns of the dangers when it comes to walking dogs on a "nice warm day." It might be too hot, even if you don't think it is.

Pavement, asphalt, wood, metal, sand, and car or truck surfaces can become very hot during the summer months. These materials absorb heat from the sun and can stay hot for hours even after the sun has gone down. Temperatures on these surfaces can exceed 145° F!

The chances of a dogs paw-pad being harmed can rapidly increase if they've just gone swimming? Banfield Pet Hospital advises watching for these signs.

If you see any signs in your dog such as limping, not wanting to walk, a red or pink color change in the paw pads, licking or chewing at the feet, missing pieces of the pads or blisters, take your dog to see your veterinarian immediately.

Exactly how hot is too hot? 125°. And the best gauge the heat is to place your hand or sockless foot on the ground and count to 10. If you can't handle it your dog can't either. You can also remember these outdoor temperatures, too.

  • 77° (air temp.) = 125° (asphalt temp.)
  • 86° (air temp.) = 135° (asphalt temp.)
  • 87° (air temp.) = 143° (asphalt temp.)

(Thanks to my old pet groomer for sharing that information. If you're ever in Springfield, MO go check them out.)

Aside from the obvious ways to avoid heat, like staying in the grass or avoiding the hottest part of the day, you could buy your dog little paw booties, or follow any of these tips from Banfield Pet Hospital.

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