This is a lovely Wrigleyville Airbnb, just blocks from the historic ballpark, that would be absolutely perfect for a bachelor party weekend.

There's one slight problem. It comes in at $3,000 a night (two night minimum) and that's before you factor in cleaning and service fees. After you and the boys clear out Sunday morning, someone's credit card will be charged a whopping $7,246.

Bachelor parties come in all shapes and sizes. Can you put together a party big enough to affordably take advantage of this unique party location in the heart of Chicago?

We'll take two separate looks at this property. First, we'll see if the space is worth taking out a minor loan for a party weekend. Second, we'll see how many bachelor party attendees it could "comfortably" sleep.

NOTE: When I say "comfortably sleep" while referring to a bachelor party, I'm referring to the mentality that will allow a bachelor party attendee to sleep on basically any flat surface with a semblance of cushioning. The next bachelor party that adheres to occupancy ordinances will be the first.

attachment-Wrigley Living Room

This is a 4 bedroom/4 bathroom 3,000 sq. ft. duplex penthouse with a private roof-deck. It is directly in the heart of Wrigleyville, with not only the ballpark around the corner, but dozens of bars, restaurants, and everything else that makes Wrigleyville, Wrigleyville just steps away.

Just the main living area alone appears to be able to host about 30 people comfortably.

attachment-Wrigley Bar

A stunning twenty foot bar sprawls across the space allowing large groups to interact at once.

attachment-Wrigley Dining Room

The dining room table even comes with an absurd piece of abstract art to let you know you've entered someplace classy.

attachment-Wrigley Ice Maker

Speaking of class, check out the ice maker. That's the one that makes the "good" ice. IYKYK.

attachment-Wrigley Canes

I will note that the huge Rasing Cane sign right out the window is less than ideal but that does mean that basically unlimited chicken tenders are available right outside the door which could be a plus for a bachelor party.

The rooftop deck is where this place really shines. It's where you can find a shuffleboard table.

attachment-Wrigley Roof Games 2

A massive Connect 4 game.

attachment-Wrigley Roof Games

And bags.

attachment-Wrigley Roof Games 3

You can also find a grill up here but let's be honest, you guys aren't going to cook anything.

attachment-Wrigley Roof Grill

Just a great outdoor Chicago space.

attachment-Wrigley Roof

But how many people can officially pass out here at 4 in the morning after making multiple questionable decisions?

Officially, according to the listing you can have 16 people sleep here. Let's guess where they should go.

attachment-Wrigley Bed

The main bedroom. Two guys can crash in here.

attachment-Wrigley Bed 5

I'll generously say that this sectional piece can sleep 3 as long as one of them is short. That gets us up to 5.

attachment-Wrigley Bed 4

Add two more spots for those fancy beanbag chairs on the floor. Up to 7.

attachment-Wrigley Bed 3

I wouldn't allow more than 2 people for these bunk beds. 3 if the people below really like each other. Up to 9 (maybe 10)

attachment-Wrigley Bed 2

There isn't a good picture of this but there are three beds in this room. One queen and two twin beds. That gets us another 4 people for a total of 13-14.

attachment-Wrigley Bed 7

If it's nice out this rooftop could probably sleep at least 2 people on the couch very comfortably. With plenty of Adirondack chairs for people to sleep uncomfortably well in too.

Even with bachelor party math, 16 people is a tight squeeze for everyone to get a decent night's sleep. I wouldn't recommend going over that if you're not still in your 20s.

So what's the price per person if you get 15 of your friends to join you on this journey?

For the late-May rate of $3,000 per night plus fees, it would come out to about $450 a person for the weekend.

A memorable weekend indeed.

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