Things sure have changed since I've been in high school.

While tornado and fire drills are still part of your average school year today, so are active shooter drills.  I would've never thought in a million years that those would even be a thing.

Walkouts weren't even really a thing either.

The only walkout I ever experienced was during my senior year. It was our first year in a brand new building and we no longer had "open campus lunch;" to protest having to stay on school grounds during our lunch period, students simply just walked out of school and went to a local Perkins to "celebrate." I didn't even participate because I was too afraid of getting in trouble.

That fear does not exist among students in Florida who just survived one of the worst mass school shootings in modern American history.

According to NBC News, students in Florida and around the country are taking the lead in the gun control debate and are organizing walkouts across the country to protest gun violence with events starting on March 14th. The plan is to get students and teachers to walkout of class at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, one for every student killed at Stoneman Douglas High School last week.

So, the question now is this- will Rockford schools participate? Do you think they should?

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