This is one of the newest coffee spots in northern Illinois and they've been making some pretty sweet noise since the day they opened their doors.

I Love Coffee

If you agree, raise your hand and take a sip.

I wanted to get that out quickly. We're on the same page (literally), so I can get right to the point.

This Rockford, Illinois coffee spot can sweeten a coffee drink like nobody else in town. What you're about to see really are coffee drinks, they just appear to be disguised as desserts in a cup.

Let me introduce you to,

Velvet Robot Coffee Lab

There are two locations in Rockford, 116 N. Madison Street, and 1292 S. Alpine.

If you didn't already love the creations at Velvet Robot Coffee Lab, you certainly will if you're a fan of the Netflix series, Stranger Things

This next IG post from them was actually the first post I saw this morning when I opened the app.

Eddie Munson lives on as a coffee drink in Rockford.

Here's what we know about the drink we're told debuts on Wednesday, July 13 at Velvet Robot:

It’s going to be a black Frap with bourbon caramel in it and topped with activated charcoal and black sprinkles.


Velvet Robot
Velvet Robot

You should know that there's a bit more going on in the Lab besides coffee (and dessert).

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