Here's a fun fact about me; I am 75% Swedish. The only non-Swedish part of me is my last name which is German. All of my great grandparents came over from Sweden, so I am well versed on what a proper Swedish pancake should taste like.

I may not like lingonberries on my Swedies, (to the great dissatisfaction of my grandparents), but I do LOVE the Swedish pancakes at Stockholm Inn, and soon the rest of the traveling world will too thanks to TripAdvisor. 

I saw GoRockford post this yesterday on Facebook, and the Swede in me had to share the awesome news...

This is not the first time Stockholm Inn's awesomeness has been recognized by TripAdvisor, and I am sure it will not be the last either.

I think we should all take GoRockford's advice and order a stack, or two, or three (they freeze really well), of Stockholm's Swedish pancakes today. They do offer carryout and delivery, by the way.

And...since I was boasting earlier about my Swedish heritage and my expertise on Swedish pancakes, I feel it is only fair to share my family's coveted Swedish pancake recipe. I make this recipe often because my kids LOVE Swedish pancakes. We usually end up having them for dinner once every two weeks, and I love it because 8 eggs packs a protein punch that my thinks-she-is-a-vegetarian-and-won't-eat-meat youngest daughter really needs.

A few notes about the following recipe...I make them one at a time in a pan on the stove, but they can be done on a skillet set at 350 degrees. The pencil notes on the right side of the recipe are for increasing the recipe measurements when using a dozen eggs instead of 8. Just for funsies, my brother sometimes replaces the white sugar with brown sugar for extra sweet touch, and that's darn good too. Without further adieu, here's the recipe...

Swedish Pancakes


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