Ax-throwing facilities popped-up in Rockford just a few months and it's growing even more. There's another ax-throwing option in town, which might save damage to homes and property. If you've never thrown an ax (the intended recreational way) it's not as easy as it looks. Some people seem to have the natural ability to hit the wooden target several feet away and others like me suck at with a capital "S" and a lot of "U"s.

Big Timber Axe Throwing, at 4249 E State Street in Rockford, is one of the trendy spots in town to take a shot (or toss) at throwing an ax indoors in a controlled and safe environment. And, though you might be warned "don't try this at home", Big Timber is giving you the chance to actually TRY it at home. Their method is a much safer option. This option doesn't involve damaging your home, garage, vehicle, tree, or whatever other objects you might think could be a good target. This is definitely the safer route.  Big Timber Axe Throwing has introduced a mobile ax-throwing experience.

We are SO excited to finally share the news that our Mobile Axe Throwing trailer has come to life!

As you see in the photo at the top of this article, that bride and groom just set the bar really high for future weddings. The mobile ax-throwing experience will also be available for birthday parties, corporate events, graduations, and more. You can find booking info HERE.

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