This weekend, experience the wild west like never before!  You're about to immerse yourself in the 'west' of the Midwest right in downtown Chicago.

If you don't know what Jack's Pumpkin Pop Up is, it's a giant festival that kicks off during Fall and you have endless photo opportunities with pumpkin themed stalls, the largest corn maze in Chicago, all sorts of carnival games, and food and beverages!  Well, during summer they kick off a Pop Up called Jack's Big City Ranch and it's the best western themed festival I've ever seen!


Located in downtown Chicago, this festival will open Friday, June 3rd and run through August 27th so you have lots of time to plan ahead!  You can find tickets here.

What will you be able to do at the western themed pop-up?  Do some axe throwing and ride some mechanical bulls!  If you're not into either of those...

Hop on the go-karts or go mini golfing with your besties while you're here!  Think about it, a beer in one hand and a golf club in the other.  Sounds about right.

Everything is outside, so you'll sweat a little, enjoy the outdoors, and have a weekend filled with lots of drinking and taking photos with all your friends in costume for a big Instagrammable reveal!

Snap your night away at the Big City Ranch festival!  There will be many photo opportunities throughout your night and you'll probably want to stop at every single one.

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How can you resist taking a pic in front of these gorgeous flowers?!

If this is your first rodeo, no problem.  You'll fit right in with everybody else in their cowgirl boots and western wear.  Just make sure to say, "Howdy!" at least once before you leave.  It's only right!

I talked about drinking, so where can you get a drink at the Big City Ranch festival?  At the full service bar, of course!  You can only get in if you're wearing boots.

Just kidding, but considering it's called "Knockin Boots" you'd expect the bouncer to make you knock your boots together before entering haha.

To find more about Jack's Big City Ranch festival in Chicago, visit their website or Facebook page.  They show you everything happening at their event on Friday, June 3rd and it just looks like an overall extremely entertaining event to attend!  They're located at 1261 West LeMoyne Chicago, IL 60642.

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