Seeing as I'm new to the Rockford area, I wanted to get the inside scoop on the best local places. You did not disappoint!! After going through all your comments, these were the top 10 restaurant recommendations from our listeners.

10. Stockholm Inn
9. John's Restaurant & Pizzeria
8. 15th & Chris
7.The Olympic Tavern
6. Salamone's North
5. Mexico Clasico
4. Tavern on Clark
3. Lino's
2. Capri's Restaurant & Pizza
And your number 1 most recommended restaurant in Rockford......

Marc's Fusion Cafe!

I can't wait until we get all settled in so we can cross these top 10 off the list and then continue working on the rest! If there's one thing we love it's local flavors and I have enough restaurants on my list to last me a long time. Thanks!

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