The announcement a few days back that Chicago Bears legend Steve McMichael has been diagnosed with ALS (or, as it's more commonly know, Lou Gehrig's Disease) was met with shock and surprise by Bears fans across Illinois and the nation.

It seems as if the news was also met with some excitement by some bad actors who are trying to profit off of McMichael's terrible illness and the efforts being made to raise money for his medical care.

There are several things going on to get some funding for the McMichael family, including a GoFundMe page that, at this writing, has gathered pledges of $156,265 toward an overall goal of $176,000. The Chicago Bears presented McMichael with a special wheelchair, and several of his teammates are doing what they can to "fill in the blanks for Steve," according to Dan Hampton.

Another fundraiser involves "Team Mongo" t-shirts that are being sold online. And, that's also where the bad actors come in. The Team Mongo t-shirts that actually raise money for Steve McMichael's medical expenses can only be purchased online at two places, say the McMichael family. One is, and the other site is

ABC-7 Chicago:

McMichael said Monday that unauthorized t-shirts and other products are being sold online without any of the money going toward his care.

In a statement, McMichael said he's humbled by all of the love and support, but is "disheartened to learn of the vultures circling trying to make money off my illness."
He's asking them to "do the right thing and remove these products immediately."

The Team Mongo shirts at will cost you $29.99, and the rubber bracelets supporting McMichael at go for $10.00.


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