In our ever-changing world, the way we meet people is changing right along with it. So how about when somebody asks how you met your significant other you say, "At a blind date photoshoot!" Now that's a story.

Stateline photographer Loretta Holte reached out to us letting us know she was participating in a new online trend that combines photography with blind dating. I first saw the trend on Facebook -

I thought it was incredible. So when I learned that Loretta wanted to shoot her own version, I was so excited we get to have some fun like this locally. Here's what Loretta is looking for -

I know what you're thinking, why the hell would I go have a photoshoot with a stranger in a pandemic? Loretta get's it. People who want to participate will have to have gotten tested to confirm they aren't contagious.

Loretta also told us she already got a thermometer ready, along with a complete "first date set up".

Interested? You can let Loretta know on her photography facebook page HERE!

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