This charitable auction in McHenry is getting a lot of attention.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Second Amendment Sports in McHenry is planning to raffle off an AR-15 rifle to raise money for the victims of of the Orlando shooting. The rifle is similar to the one that was used by the shooter in the June 12th shooting that killed 49, and injured others at the Pulse nightclub.

The owner of the gun shop says he is just trying to help. The owner told the Tribune, the intent is not to offend or to make a political statement,  but to help the Orlando victims by raffling off one of the shop's most popular products.

Not everyone see it that way. The tribune reports that a McHenry County woman who lost her son in another mass shooting calls the stunt "offensive" . her son did in the 2012 Aurora, Co Movie Theatre shooting in 2012. In that shooting an AR-15 was used by the shooter

The money raised will go to OneOrlando Fund,. this fund has been set-up assist the  shooting victims. The Mchenry Gun shop owners also announced they will donate an additional $2,000. The winner of the raffle will be chosen on July 31st

Your thoughts? Is this a good idea with good intentions, or tasteless?