I'm just going to be brutally honest here, I am totally confused when it comes to COVID-19 mitigations in our region right now. Not even two weeks ago indoor-dining was banned again at Stateline-area restaurants and bars, and then during Thursday's Winnebago County Health Department press conference, it was allowed again for 25 people at a time.

I really do believe the Winnebago County Health Department is trying to do what's best for our community as a whole during this pandemic, but how are local businesses supposed to keep up with, and survive these constant changes?!?

The other big message from yesterday's press conference is that if our region does not get our act together, a whole bunch of new restrictions will be added by the State as soon as tomorrow. According to wrex.com;

If Region 1's positivity rate is still at 8% on Saturday, Oct. 17, the state will step in and enforce more restrictions, which could include more businesses closing. Dr. Martell says Region 1 would likely be forced in tier 3 mitigations by the state, which would be to-go only dining and not include any outdoor dining.

I'll be the first to admit that 2020 has turned me into a pessimist, but after reading that all I hear is; "the town is getting shutdown again on Saturday, so enjoy the return of indoor dining for a couple days until restrictions go in effect again".

Guys, I'm over it. Too many people are getting sick, and we need to act responsibly, despite how we feel about this pandemic. Maybe if we all just follow the rules for a few weeks we could turn this crap around! Wouldn't that be fun?!?

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