Starbucks wants to do a better job eliminating waste, but it is worth the inconvenience?

We definitely live in a different world than I grew up in.

In the 1990s, if you brought your own bag to a grocery store, the cashier was probably looking for the tag on it because they thought it was an item you were purchasing.

These days, most of us own plenty of reusable bags and love them.

For me, it's honestly more about the sturdiness of the bags, allowing me to make less trips from my car to my apartment.

And of course, eliminating plastic bags from the environment.

But do we feel the same about a paper cup at Starbucks?

Will you be willing to bring your own reusable cup or pay extra for the paper one?

The issue I'm thinking about is that Starbucks is all about convenience and if you have to provide your own cup and you're in the drive-thru, how will that work?

The coffee company is testing out the paper cup charge in London this month with a five pence fee, which according to Delish is about seven cents.

While I love a good skinny vanilla latte, Starbucks is already pretty expensive, so I'm not sure I better stock up on some reusable coffee mugs if this comes to Rockford.

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