If you thought everything was magical and sparkly last year when you were able to get your hands (and lips) on Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino, wait until you see what they are unveiling on Thursday, March 22.

Say hello to the Crystal Ball Frappucino. This new cream based, peach flavored, over-the-top specialty drink will be topped with whipped cream and rock candy crystals, and only available for four days OR until supplies run out.


Starbucks baristas are already practicing making the drink, and freaking out about the upcoming demand for them too according to Business Insider.

The one thing that makes the Crystal Ball Frapp so much cooler than the other limited-time drinks that came before it? You never know what color you'll end up with.

And we thought the Unicorn Frapp was hard to get. You're playing us real dirty, Starbucks.

One more thing to remember if you're one of those that HAS to try this new drink...they are extremely complicated to make and staff will be bombarded with requests, sooo please be nice and patient with your local Starbucks baristas.

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