Calories don't count this week, right? You might as well try all three of these.

This week is the weirdest. For most people, if you have to work, it's not everyday at the regular times, or you're off of work and totally unaware of what day of the week it is.

Which is one of the reasons I think it's 'no calories' week, which means, the calories don't count.

So I'll be indulging in at least one of these new Starbucks drinks, which I'm sure are chock-full of sugar.

You can choose from these three versions posted on the Starbucks website:

Black & White Mocha starts with our signature espresso, and we add in swirls of decadent dark and white chocolate mocha, then a strike of chocolaty sequins.

Black & White Hot Chocolate is a celebration of chocolate. We take expertly steamed milk and then add in silky dark and white mocha, topping it all off with festive chocolaty sequins.

Black & White Frappuccino® Blended Beverage … for those who like to keep things cool. Our classic combination of Frappuccino® Roast coffee is blended with milk and ice, then swirls of dark and white chocolate mocha, and topped with whipped cream and fancy chocolaty sequins.

Bring it on Starbucks, these sound amaze.

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